Monday, May 19, 2008

Catching Up With Family - Photos

Mother's Day was celebrated at Cathy &Werner's home as the beach was just too windy and stormy.
Above is a great picture of Christa (Cathy & Werner's DD) holding Livi and Kilee (our grands). Christa was so sweet. The kids adore her and she gave them so much attention and love.

Notice the purple cast on our Kilee's arm? Our sweet little one broke her arm falling off a playground slide. She is so brave. The very next day her mom and grandpa had planned a trip to Disney and she wasn't about to let a broken arm stop her. According to Justin, she got all the attention from the Disney Princess' and they signed her cast! Bless her heart. They were afraid to take her and afraid not too!

Above is Ford's brother Ben pictured with his daughter Christina and SIL Aaron. Ford and Ben made a trip to Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago to see them. Can you tell from the picture what show they all went to?!? Ford said it was awesome. Then again, we are talking about Ford and he loves anything just a little bit different :)

I want to go next time!! It was a great visit for all of them. Family is so important to us. This picture was taken after what Ford said was a fantastic Italian dinner courtesy of Christina and Aaron. It's so funny. We both are horrible gamblers and on this trip Ford didn't even put a dollar in a slot machine (the story he's telling me anyway) but we love Las Vegas for its sights, sounds and SHOWS!


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Family is sooo important...
Love Vegas also... only been there once...To get married...LOL.
And just stuck $5.00 in when we were leaving to say we played...LOL..
Have a Great Week..

Don and Be said...

Gotta love Vegas!

JamieD said...

Thanks for the comments and words of encouragment. I appreciate them so much.

It is good to meet you!

OH MY #6 said...

Thank you for showing all these pictures. Your grandchildren are so sweet. What do they call you?

BTW, I want those place mats.


david santos said...

Very nice, Alyson, very nice!
good luck