Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sharing - SIL Joan's Recipes

I would love to be able to claim these recipes as my own but I can't. I'm just thankful that my SIL Joan was gracious enough to share them with me on one of my visits home. Joan will always fix a fantastic dinner the night I cruise into town and I will inevitably beg her for the recipe. It's like visiting Nana Joy, you're going to eat well and leave with a new recipe to enjoy time and again...

The following recipes are for Chicken Tetrazzini (serves 12) and a Southern Poppy Seed Salad Dressing that I had to have... Do yourself a favor and make these. If they do not end up being one of your favorites, pack the leftovers on dry ice and send them to me. I may even spring for the shipping charges :)

Joan's Chicken Tetrazzini

Stew 1 hen with 2 bay leaves
Bone and cut into pieces
Add the pieces back to 1 quart of your stock
1 Cup diced celery
1 Cup chopped onion
1 Diced green pepper
1 (8) ounce package uncooked vermicelli
1 Teaspoon sea salt

Cook until tender, most of the liquid will be absorbed. Dispose of any remaining liquid.


1 Lb cubed Velveeta cheese
1 Tablespoon Worschester sauce
1 (4) ounce jar drained sliced mushrooms
1 (4) ounce jar diced pimentos
1 (2.5) package slivered almonds toasted in butter (skillet)
1 Tablespoon prepared mustard
Add this mixture to your Chicken and mix well

Pour into large casserole dish
Tear up some Cheddar Cheese and dot on top
(Best if chilled overnight)
Bake at 350 degrees covered for 45 minutes, uncovered for last 15 minutes

Southern Poppy Seed Dressing

1 Cup vegetable oil
3/4 Cup sugar
1/3 Cup white vinegar
1 1/2 Tablespoon onion juice or 2 Tablespoon finely minced onion
1 Teaspoon salt
1/2 Teaspoon dry mustard
1 1/2 Teaspoon poppy seeds (don't leave this out)

Combine first 6 ingredients in blender. Mix on low speed for 30 seconds. Stir in Poppy Seeds. Cover and chill.

Secret Notes from Joan I'm willing to share :)

Ford, I have used this dressing for my curried chicken salad and my spinach salad but I get the best and most compliments on the romaine salad I made for you. I think it is because I use segments of mandarin oranges, a few pieces of candied nuts and chunks of fried smoked bacon which seem to really bring out the flavor of the dressing.

Hope you all enjoy the recipes. I can only tell you I wish I could cook as well as Joan. In any event, you all are going to love these recipes. If you do give either a try, let me know how it turned out...



Catherine said...

Mmmm! Both sound deelish! Made your Grandma's rolls for Easter dinner and they were a huge success.

Absolutely love Chicken tettrizzini so will have to give this one a try too. Yumm!

Daniella said...

These sound really good. My dh loves chicken tettrizzini - I will give it a try maybe this weekend.

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It sounds delicious... but the thing is... does the SIL know you are sharing with the rest of the world... hehe

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