Saturday, April 26, 2008

Book Making

Who has made photo books for their children or a special trip? I am looking to try my hand at one and there are several software choices.

The Adoption Families Magazine even has weighed in with opinions from several adopting parents on the software choices and what they have had experience with.
There was not a review of SharedInk. Has anyone used it? It looks as good as MyPublisher - but without many reviews, it is hard to choose. If the first book is not perfect, one is not out alot of money so can change to another software. I would like to start with one that doesn't have any "bugs"! So I am thinking of using MyPublisher at this point.

Let me know if you have used any of these.


Tim Leonhardt said...

Based on my research, SharedInk has a great reputation for quality (I'm yet to order my first book from them). Their layout software is not a focus, however, so if you're looking for hand-holding you may be better off looking elsewhere.

Finding information on the different publishers can be time-consuming and frustrating. Based on that need, a group of us will soon be launching a web site dedicated to providing information about several publishers in one location. We're targeting a launch date sometime in May - you can keep an eye on for the go-live. I'd love it if you'd take a look after launch and give your impressions on your blog!

Tim Leonhardt

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Shutterfly. No software necessary! Their web site is They archive your photos and make it VERY easy to make photobooks.

m said...

I'm using Snapfish for prints now. They have book publishing too. I was several years behind with my prints so I ordered a bunch. Good service, reasonable prices. Haven't tried their books but plan to soon. Katie has made some books in i-photo and they look good. Looking forward to Sat. Love you guys,