Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bedside Challenge

While we are on the final few months of our WAIT (dare I say that?), I thought this would be a cute challenge and may make your morning wake up a little more pleasant!
Take a picture of your bedside table. What does it look like? Does it scream functional, dusty or overloaded? My bedside area is functional with the alarm clock, lamp and phone. However, it certainly is not a pleasant view!!

From Crazyhippiemom's web, here's the idea:

Keep items of beauty by your bed. Perhaps you like colorful flowers or paintings. Some people keep photos of family members or pets. Whatever makes you happy when you look at it… put it right by your bed side, so that when you wake up, it’ll be the first thing you see.

So take a before picture and an after picture of the new "happy" bedside table. I will post in a week my new results!


OziMum said...

Ok. The toilet paper MUST go!!!

Happy Mother's Day Aly! I hope the best mothers day present is yet to come... in the next couple of months?!!

Michelle said...

I'll play! I have a roll of toilet paper on my night stand too!

Barb said...

Hey there! Thanks for the sweet note! Mine is definitely dusty and overloaded. haha. But it holds many of my most favorite things.

Gail said...

I love the toilet paper roll!!
I have to say I don't have that on my bedside table but I DO have my toothbrush charger!!
No place to put it in my tiny bathroom! Ha Ha!!

sarah said...

Ha! Mine is too scary to post! I have this cloth that I keep on the bedside table so I can cover my alarm clock (I like it pitch black when I sleep!).