Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Adoption - Words of Wisdom

While we continue to pack and prepare for our flight to China...(we leave on 09/11/08! Only two more sleeps until we are on our way to Alyzabeth!)..... I continue to read others stories to help us better prepare as parents for Alyzabeth........

I can put my foot in my mouth with the best of them (this is alyson writing)......
So whenever I read this type of post it reminds me how many times I probably asked "dumb or rude" questions, not meaning to.
My sensitivity comes in when I see it effect the children.

Tiffany posted her words of wisdom; she is an adoptive family.
Tiffany gives her perspective on what the child hears through these questions and then the answer from her as a parent. I don't expect any questions like this, but it wouldn't hurt to be prepared.


kris said...

I'll have to go and look at their site. I'm still stuck on "we leave on 9/11/08, only two more sleeps until we are on our way to Alyzabeth!)...!!!!!!!! I'm just SO excited I can't stand it!!!!!!

Melissa said...

GOOD LUCK!!!! My advice is ask as many questions as possible, the only "stupid" qustion is the "unasked" question! How can you learn if you don't ask, was Dad's advice to me!
Love ya!
Glad I could be here to be a smal part of the festivities & the craziness!!!
Love, Mel

OH MY #6 said...

I am with Kris. I can hardly stand it. And will be watching you every step of the way!

Actually that sounds kind of threatening doesn't it?! But, none the less, I will be watching u!


Christine said...

Safe travels! I will be thinking of you both and your sweet little girl! We will be right behind you! :) We leave on the 19th! Enjoy the next couple of days and the thrill of knowing soon you will be holding Alyzabeth!!!

Norma said...

We have heard everything over the years and have always talked to the girls about it. They know most people mean well and our just curious about families like ours. What bugs me the most now is when folks ask "are you their grandmother?" I hate that one and the girls don't like our age pointed out either. It is far more of an issue for them than their race.

FinsUp said...

Thanks for the direct to that post. Very well written.

A couple of weeks ago the ticket woman at an attraction we visited asked quietly, out of Fin's earshot, "Is she a chosen child?" I thought it was very sweet. Then she told me she was adopted; she was probably in her 50s.

Here comes the 11th!!!!

Tiffany said...

Oh I hope you never hear any of those comments! Blessings on your journey to China! A good friend of mine just came home with her daughter from China last week. I learned at her shower that new Chinese babies are kept from others, alone with their mothers, for 30 days after they are born. When they "come out", they are dressed in red and love their mommies! It was a very sweet tradition, I thought, and I hope that your attachment goes so smoothly that Alyzabeth An knows no one but you as mom in only 30 days! Thanks for reading my blog!

redmaryjanes said...

I am so excited!
I will be watching every day that you are in China!

Billy and Maggie said...

Hello Alyson and Ford,
I just added your blog to our list of blogs we follow. We will be following you every step of the way.. I am so excited for you. Cant wait to see the pictures of you guys holding your little one in your arms, she is such a beautiful little doll. God bless you all.
LID 2-17-06..we're almost there!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you. We are so glad for you. The one advice We would give you since we just came back with Emily Min is to expect that anything can happen but all will turn out fine in the end. All these beautiful girls need is Love and Patience from us . In just 2months we have seen Emily blossom into a beautiful loving little girl. We will pray for you. Cindy and Steve Morse from Maine.

Karen (GwenBlog) said...

Best wishes, you guys...you all deserve it. And 9/11 is a great day to hop a plane to your girl....alas, it was three years ago exactly, on 9/11 (my birthday, btw) that we flew to Hong Kong on our way to meet our Gwennie. Good (no wonderful) things happen on that day, too! Godspeed and enjoy your girl.

All our best,
Karen and Gwen (GwenBlog)