Monday, March 10, 2008

Coffee Filters, Flowers & Cleaning

(pretty paper flower made from coffee filters)

What do flower pots, cleaning towels, crafts and cleaning windows have in common?
These and more are things you can use paper coffee filters for; coffee filters are bought very cheap and can be used for a lot of different things. Not sure if this goes along with being "green", so use if only for ease and usefulness!

Serving snacks (popcorn, chips, goldfish crackers, etc) the filters are disposable and less expensive than paper bowls or plates.

From BusyBusyMom: Prevent soil from draining out of flowerpots. When repotting, place a filter at the bottom, over the drainage hole (works great as we don't have any rocks or pebbles which are traditionally used), then add the soil (wonder if you can use the used coffee filters - will the coffee grounds hurt the plants?).
Protect hands from Popsicle drippage. Slide the wooden stick of an ice pop through a coffee filter so your hands stay mess-free.

From The Family Corner: Be crafty with the paper filters and make beautiful flowers (see picture). Martha Stewart even has coffee filter roses (looks too complicated for me!!). Or check out this school activity for making clothespin butterflies or paper flowers.

Clean windows and glass. Coffee filters leave no lint or other residue.
Put some baking soda in the center and tie up to a pouch; use in drawers or refrigerator to eliminate odors.
More ideas from Mary Jane Farm: Use as a strainer when making tea or juices.

From eHOW: Decant wine through a coffee filter. Filter the wine into a decanter to sift out any bits of cork that may be loose it in.
Cover food cooking in the microwave. Invert a coffee filter over small bowls or plates to prevent splatters.
Store cast iron skillets with a coffee filter tucked inside. Prevent surface rust with the highly absorbent filter paper pulling moisture from the air.

That was fun researching, my motive is that I have some filters leftover from our old coffee maker. We now have one that grinds the beans and uses a permanent "basket" that has a wire mesh. While searching I found lots of cute paper crafts that will be fun with little girls!


3D said...

I use filters to hold snacks too! I am innovative and did not know it.

Keep smilin!

Daniella said...

I like the cleaning windows idea. We have left over filter too since we went to a grind the beans machine. Thanks for the tips.

Barb said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I would love to know how I can find out more without jumping into the waters completely.

you can email me at blue105 at yahoo.

Thanks for the offer of help!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

those are all great ideas. I do know for a fact that coffee grinds (used) are great for plants. I used them all the time. :0)

Carol said...

Oh my I like your "Young at Heart." I keep trying to talk hubby into adoption number 2 but he says he is too are only as old as you feel!!

OH MY #6 said...

very cool!


Lips Of An Angel said...

Thanks for the visit! I love all these ideas... I don't drink coffee but I have a bunch of old leftover filters from my ventures trying to convince myself I like the stuff the way so many other people do. Now I have some good uses for them! I also use them to line a strainer then let my homemade yogurt sit in the strainer for several hours/overnight to thicken it up and make a cream cheese-ish spread. Leaving it sitting less time just makes a thicker yogurt which is also yummy... and would of course also work just as well with store-bought yogurt too. ;-)

I hope you're enjoying the party!