Monday, March 31, 2008

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I may have stepped back but my passion endures.

A while ago I purposefully distanced myself from political conversation. On the rare occasion I will still express an opinion or belief.

I do, however, no longer tolerate or allow my personal love for God or country to be used for divisive political purposes. I find both to be offensive and repulsive. Political parties do not now nor have they ever held exclusive rights to either. Walk a Veteran's Cemetery sometime, how many headstones denote Republican or Democrat? Do you doubt that each have died for our country? Are we to seriously believe that the commonality between parties no longer exists and only one believes in God?

Do I hold political views? Make no doubt about it, Yes... Do I care to debate them with others? I welcome the opportunity but under conditions that bring purpose and understanding for the both of us.

I discuss politics when and only when we both present the best (in our opinion) legislation introduced by any and all administrations, including foreign policy decisions upfront. We do this before our discussion begins. Void of that ability or desire, I will refrain from our "discussion" as it quickly deteriorates into hate radio sound bites. I choose to think on my own. Flawed as that may be.

If either of us are unable to clearly express two or three highlights of previous and present administrations, then we have only shown ourselves incapable of honestly and convincingly discussing politics void of party agenda... I challenge you to think about that. Do you? Can you? If not, then with all due respect, let it go... Party and religious shrills make for poor conversation and too often display an alarming lack of knowledge and truth. Do not be offended as I intend no offense. It is what it is. I have my own struggles. Like you, I have my own opinions...

Should any of what I have just shared rub you the wrong way, well, that again offers light as to why I most often, humbly decline to join in political debate. I may have stepped back but my passion endures but argument for the sake of argument's sake or for the sake of a Political Party is a song I no longer care to dance to.



Linda said...

I am so with you. No mattter what party I might be registered with it does not define me or the way I will vote. i like to think abut the issues and make my own decisions. If you think you can argue with me and change my mind you don't know me, so don't try, like you I'll express my feelings but don't feel I need to change your's, so there is probably to discuss it. Linda

Sophia's Mama said...

Ford well said and ditto......


Julie said...

You rock!

sarah said...

I appreciate this post! Very well thought out / said.