Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday is Here!!

We will cheer for the New England Patriots for two reasons. The first and most important (per DH) is that our home team, the Jacksonville Jaguars play in the same conference so we MUST cheer for our conference; thus being the toughest and best. The second reason is that I am originally from Maine and THE PATRIOTS is the TEAM! Go Pats!

Now, the two reasons why we (I) will be very sentimental about the New York Giants winning: One, the two photos are of the New York Giants Head Coach, Tom Coughlin (one with a very RARE smile!). He was the Jacksonville Jaguars first-ever head coach. He took us to several playoff games and it was exciting during the first ten years that Jaguars were able to beat our rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers MANY times along with the Denver Broncos and other well respected, established teams. You see, Jacksonville is the second smallest national audience. Small market, small towns, small expectations (that we would have ever received a NFL team). The second reason is that sister's boyfriend is a NY Giants fan so we will be happy for him if the Giants do well.

We are pumped having two exciting teams play tonight! Enjoy the fun!

Other Connections with Jaguars and Patriots:
The Patriots have two former Jaguars on their roster in TE Kyle Brady and P Chris Hanson. Brady played in 120 games for the Jaguars from 1999-2006, tied for the fourth-most games played in franchise history. Brady had 241 receptions for 2,500 yards for the Jaguars, fourth and third in team history, respectively. Hanson played six seasons for the Jaguars from 2001-06 and was one of only two punters in team history to be voted to the Pro Bowl (2002).


redmaryjanes said...

I cheered for New England, but they lost. It was fun watching the game though.

OziMum said...

Hope your team wins!