Monday, February 25, 2008

NASCAR - Changes with Car of Tomorrow (CoT)

The Car of Tomorrow (CoT) is HERE at the NASCAR races. With the Daytona 500 behind us, I was wondering how the new car will run at California. The car was used as a trial in several races last year so there is some experience with it. Our driver, Carl Edwards is still a "young gun" and should do very well this year.
Here's a good (and easy to read) review of the CoT by Ricky Craven, Yahoo! Sports writer.

Monday Update: Guess what?? Carl won today after a rain delayed Sunday evening race!! DH was able to catch the race and watch the celebratory back flip!! WOW!!


OziMum said...

We LOVE car racing, in this house!!! Last weekend we had the "Clipsal 500", which is a V8 car race. Always a great race (its a 4 day event). Unfortunately a young fella (27) hit the wall, and passed away yesterday.

.. said...

Hello Alyson,
I see that youlike races. I don't really care for them much, but my husband had me on line from Iraq to hear it. He hear the last 15 laps and was so exited that Tony S. was a little on the lead. And got close on winning and it did not happen. He even go tmad and did not want to talk anymore. But he had fun listing to it.
Have a great day,