Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Donations Needed for Orphanages

There are several blogs with information about the frigid, crisis conditions in China right now. Our post joins in those efforts to collect funds to purchase desperately needed supplies for the orphanages. Our agency, CCAI, is also helping each of us DONATE through their website. Everyone, not just CCAI families, are welcome to assist in this humanitarian effort benefiting China and our little ones.

The "Click To Give", pictured above, will take you to the donation efforts being undertaken at Half The Sky Foundation. Here is an excerpt from the Half the Sky Foundation:

Update on conditions and needs at the institutions we've been in contact with. In general the needs are for fuel, food, disposable diapers, warm clothing and bedding. Prices are soaring because no goods can be shipped and cold weather has destroyed all winter crops. Half the Sky is responding to the emergency by getting funds directly to the institutions in a variety of ways.


We are entering new information as we receive it and realize that sometimes the details can be confusing. In almost every instance, we are pre-approving funds and then institutions are purchasing goods locally. In some cases they are using personal funds to pay but in every instance, THE GOODS ARE AVAILABLE LOCALLY. Therefore, if you want to help, please donate funds. We will guarantee that each of the institutions listed below as well as those we continue to talk with will receive the funds to purchase what they need to get through this winter.

Here is an example of the updates being reported:

Beihai CWI, Guangxi – Although ill-prepared for the bitter cold, the institution has so far managed to keep the children warm and fed.

Changzhou CWI, Jiangsu – suffered the largest snowfall in Jiangsu Province.
Several buildings have collapsed. But the institution rushed to prepare for the cold and the children are fine. UPDATE: The orphanage now reports they are running out of diapers and need 750 diapers per day for an estimated 10 days. They request 15,000 yuan.

If you are so inclined to donate, all adopting families thank you. Most of us know our daughters are in one of these orphanages and when we do receive our referral we will check to see how she fared during this crisis. Help the children if you can.

Thank you.


Mike and Rhonda said...

Oh, I worry about those little ones and the caregivers. I just hope and pray the weather warms up soon so that the supplies can be delivered.

redmaryjanes said...

I am worried about our children too. All we can do is pray and support the organizations that are able to help.

Kim R. said...

I hope everyone is OK, and gets the help they need quickly & painlessly as possible.
I just realized this morning that our babies yet to be referred could be caught up in this as well. I'm sure all of the parents, especially the ones waiting to travel are worried sick.
I need to go donate now.

Kim R.

Debz said...

They updated again yesterday and put a picture of some of the older children about half way down the updates. It's so great to see our donations going straight to work.

Happy Chinese New Year!