Sunday, January 06, 2008

Organizing Sunday - Part 1 for 2008

I said I would continue my organizing efforts so have begun one baby step at a time (eating the elephant one bite at a time!).

Begin with one kitchen “junk” drawer. We have six of them. This one typically has scrap paper in it (we recycle by cutting used paper sheets into various sizes for list), paper cutter, coupons, office supplies and tapes. Can you see the ladybug paper? That is the form we have kept around forever, waiting for the “call”. The form was developed by another adopting family and one by our agency; purpose was to make sure you remember what is told to you (fill in the blanks) and what questions to ask.

After removing the scrap paper and coupons, I find a paper box my grandmother E-E made; I keep many of her “hand-made” items around the house so I am frequently reminded of her. At the bottom of all the junk was an envelop with an old church directory picture – pretty bad of me, so it got pitched!
We throw in our cell phone rechargers and other odds/ends in this drawer when they don’t fit in the other five junk drawers. Help!!

Here’s the before pictures and after. I did put a few electronic parts that I did not recognize in one of the other junk drawers – will save that for another day! I also have a real problem with throwing out “things” associated with memories.
Since I have not cleaned out the other drawers, I put back the items I am keeping back in the same drawer. Eventually, I need to put everything in it’s place – where ever that is. We do have a desk in our utility/mud room so it will be included in our plan.

Keep me focused all through the year, I want to de-clutter! Thanks for listening.

Updated: Added the top picture: I cleaned out one more drawer (I figured if I didn't do one a day, by the time I did all of them the first ones would be re-junked!) and found at least 50 pens/pencils. What does one do with so many? They just multiply......Now, I need to test each one to see if they work.....uuuughhhh!!


OziMum said...

I cleaned the top of my dressing table yesterday... I can actually see wood now!!!

Had a chuckle about the ladybug paper "the call" sheet! I've got one saved on my computer, along with packing lists etc etc that I made 2 years ago. HA! I like how Kim's blog is called Ruby is coming - I think we should all call our blogs that (using your name of choice, of course!!!)


(apologises to Kim for stealing her cleverness!)

Donna & Joe said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with mulitiple junk drawers...that makes me feel better.

I need to de-clutter too, but I have the opposite problem as you...I have no problem throwing stuff out and sometimes live to regret it. When I get into a clean-out binge, look out...nothing is safe!

Donna :)

Wendy said...

Looks like you are doing a great job. There are days in my house when I just want to go around and get ride of everything. Keep up the good work.

m said...

I have several of those drawers too. I need them. Don't want to get rid of them. Whenever I try they just come back anyway. I say we should embrace our clutter ( I am only saying this because last night I tried to clean out my closet and had to give up after about thirty minutes because I felt so overwhelmed. Maybe I should try one drawer and build from there:)
Keep up the good work. Hopefully it will rub off on those around you.

Lisa and Tate said...

Okay- I am now feeling guilty sitting in front of the computer when my drawers need organizing so badly.... I am telling myself "must pull away from the computer and go organize".


Anonymous said...

Good job!!!