Monday, January 21, 2008

Candles - Mia Bella's Scent-Sations

Do you remember when I was cruising around bloggy-land and finding all sorts of sweepstakes and give-aways? I found a blog called "A Frog in My Soup" that had a give-away for a candle and mentioned this candle web site so I left a comment.

Again, let me mention the web site A Frog in my Soup, it is so cool, so many fun things going on! Please check it out!

Anyways, I was rewarded with a email from J. Ladson and she offered to send me a candle if I would write an honest opinion on the candle. I received the scent "Clean Cotton" in the mail!! Yeah! A free candle.
I read up on the background information about the company and candle, so that I would know what I should agree with or not agree with as to "claims" for the product performance:

A sales point is that 8 of 10 homes in USA burn candles, and that burning candles may relieve stress, create a romantic mood, will provide pleasant scents which all contribute to better moods for the family members! The company also promotes their products for home sales (home based distribution) and fund raisers.
Performance claims: The candles burn clean, practically soot free. Any spills may be cleaned up with hot soapy water as these candles are made from vegetable matter - renewable sources, not petroleum products. Mia Bella candles smell "real", have real scents; over 90 to choose from.

I lit the jar candle (16 oz size) which was easy as the jar is not the huge heavy size AND it also has two wicks.
The candle smelled very fragrant, definitely of clean laundry - like a combination of laundry detergent and the dryer sheets that give all our clothes and sheets a fresh, outdoor, cotton smell right from the dryer.
I really like it for the fresh clothes scent and have it in my utility room/laundry room. It is strong enough to keep the room smelling great even without being lit. When we first lit the candle, we let it burn for 35 minutes and there was very little loss of wax. I don't know how long it will last, but it must be for many hours.
Hope you enjoyed! We love our free candle. We even like the label, looks European so made us look very close at the label to see all the details.
Now, go place an order (remember these are made from renewable sources - Go Green!!) and choose your favorite scent - I know most of my family and friends burn candles. Maybe we can share an order.... give me a call!!

Extra bonus note: If you love cinnamon sticky buns, Mia Bella has Cinnamon Bun candles for a "fresh baked delicious scent".

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