Sunday, December 16, 2007

Reading Around the Block

We just "discovered" this web site for Mom's. We received an email and I enjoyed reading the short article on adoption advice.

Also, following some of the links came across this one for "Hungry Girls"! If even half the information and archived articles are great, I'll be searching for more! Check out the low calorie Starbuck "taste-a-like" recipes. This was from 2004.
I love yogurt, but you can imagine the calories that you can take in if you are not careful, so I appreciated this tid-bit of info too - check out this yogurt comparison.

Great fun reading.

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Joannah said...

Thanks for stopping by 'Just for Jillian'. Life is good, and I'm blogging about it at

I'm putting you on my bloglines. You will surely receive your referral in 2008! I'm so excited for you.