Friday, December 28, 2007

Music for your Happy New Year Soul.......

I have been visiting some "doggy" blogs (yep, lot's of dogs have blogs) and re-found this music. Hope it is not too late to put a smile on your face!! Happy New Year from the Red Baron (OK, don't gig me, it is really a Christmas song from the Royal Guardsmen).

Some more smiles from these doggy blogs: Izzie, Gus and Pappy's.

Happy New Year and may there be peace on earth and good will toward men! Peace to you too!


Courtney Mei & her Guinness said...

Our sweet Guinness definitely appreciates this post!! :)

He would like to wish the Famous Salty Dog a very Happy New Year (and you two as well!!)


groovyoldlady said...

Hmmm. Well, I always thought that my dustbunny should have a blog...

I'm from everywhere, but my MIL is a native Mainer and Mulletman wanted to move back to Maine (even though he only lived here 1 year during 9th grade). So, after he finished college in '91, we moved up to central Maine and we've been here ever since.

Thanks for stopping my blog of craziness! Please do come back. In the meantime, I'll be praying for your looooooong wait for your little one. Our 4 kids are our blood kin, though sometimes they do things that make me wonder if there was a mix-up in the nursery!

Cindy said...

Snoopy and the Red Baron by the Royal Guardsmen is my husband and his brother's all time favorite Christmas song. I had never heard of it until I moved up here and his parents played the original record they had. They have played that record every Christmas since the boys were little. When I first heard it I was horrified! How can you play a war song for Christmas? I didn't even want to start listening to the words until we were here 3 years. Now I tolerate it. Still really weird. Last year I had bought DH the CD. I emailed the song to my brother in law after ripping it to the computer. I think our relationship stepped up a level when I did that. Heh, boys.