Monday, December 24, 2007

Handkerchief Christmas Tree

One tradition we had up through the 1960's was after Christmas dinner, we would travel back to my Nana's (great-grandmother's farmhouse) for a visit and to "find" our gift from her, on her Christmas tree. Her tree was decorated with lights and old fashion tinsel and a handkerchief for all the relatives, probably over one hundred handkerchiefs. Each handkerchief had a tag with a name written on it. Sometimes it took quite awhile to find "yours" with your name on the tag.

I have a small tree I put handkerchiefs on at Christmas time, the tree is a "skinny" fake and has old multi-color fashion bulbs (C7 size). Any one visiting our home during the holidays may select one hanky to keep (men's and ladies cotton handkerchiefs). I buy many through antique shops year round. After taking a picture of the tree, I see gaps, so will add more hankies!
Most people don't use them anymore, but it is a fun memory to carry on!

I also have some handmade bird house ornaments from a co-worker's son; he makes wonderful items from turning exotic or "pretty" woods.
The log cabin ornament is from sister & BIL; you can see the gift tag in the cabin window - just so I don't forget who gave it to us!!!
It is a fun tree and helps with the Christmas Spirit!
Merry Christmas!!


rubyiscoming said...

what a cool idea! I love the hankie tree idea :)

Merry Christmas and xoxo to you both

David said...

What a fun tradition! That's what I love about Christmas!

have a Merry Christmas!

m said...

That is such a neat tradition. I love the bird house ornaments too. See you guys later today. Merry Christmas.

Michelle said...

That is ao neat! I have never seen anything like it before. Have a Merry Christmas!

Doris & Dan said...


Happy, happy to you and yours!

Keep smilin!

Donna & Joe said...

Love your hankie tree...very cute idea and a great tradition.

Merry Christmas to you! This time next year we will have our hands full with our little ones. I can't wait.

Donna :)