Friday, December 07, 2007

A "Green" Christmas? How?

Want to use a theme for your Christmas giving this year? Ask all of your family to be more "green"?

I was reading "Nora's Blog" and her family is making the effort to be greener. I am going to see if other family members are willing to try. How about wrapping paper and Christmas cards from recycled paper? Here are a few links that I was reading to get more ideas. I really like the idea of recycling!!

Green Christmas Ideas
Green Living - Low Impact Ideas & Products
Green Feet also has a Holiday Gift Giving Catalog
Ecotopia has some really neat gifts. I really like this idea for recycling bottles! Raise your glass for a toast to our future forever families!

Here's a gift I really like and will probably order for some of my "hard to find something for" friends! Woman's Day November 2007 - Present Perfect - Inspired gift ideas, from $6 to $50 nest best thing - Bambu's woven bowl trio (6"-9") is equally suited for coralling essentials like keys and gloves or serving snacks. $14 for a set of three;

After experiencing our organizing Sunday, I am going to throw less in the trash and advertise on "Freecycle". What ideas do you have or have used?

(Can you tell I have been avoiding the "referral blues" and I continue to refuse to buy gifts for Alyzabeth yet until I see her picture - focusing on Christmas is a good thing!)


Michelle said...

I've been trying to go green, but so far it's only little things. I make sure the water is turned off when we brush our teeth(I can't believe how many people leave the water running.) Two days ago I bought a bunch of recyclable grocery bags. I vow not to use another plastic bag again. Well, try anyway. I use Freecycle all the time. It is a great organization. I'm off to check out the other ways I can go green. Thanks for the suggestions!

Cara said...

I love this kind of stuff! I'm working with a recycling organization on campus at FSU. I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet but I wanted all of my gifts to be "green" gifts. These sites are great! Thanks for the info.

Hope to see you soon :)