Monday, October 15, 2007

Lobster - Cousins Redmond's

You have seen our postings on cousin Carolyn who is living/visiting with us for a few months since accepting a new teaching position. Her parents treated us and my Mom to lobster while in Maine - sorry Carolyn - you didn't get any!!!

They also had evening visitors snacking on their lawn...... they say the deer visit most every day.

Thank you Cuz!


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

They are HUGE...

Courtney Mei & her Guinness said...

WOW!! Now THAT's a LOBSTER! I'm so jealous!!!!! I'm ready to put my bib on and order one now!


m said...

wow - all that looks good.
Did you watch the ABC evening news tonight? They had an segment on women in China. interesting. I was going to link to the video but didn't see it on their site yet. Maybe they will post it soon or I think you can watch the entire show on line.
Hope you two are well and avoiding all the "stuff" that is going round.