Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dear Friends Retirement Dinner

The couple who literally signed our "marriage license" (in 1985) treated us to a wonderful dinner (and wine) at our favorite Italian restaurant in celebration of Ford's retirement. We love Sarnelli's in Orange Park and have for years.

There is so much we could say about this couple. Larry has to be the most brilliant engineer I've ever had the privilege, honor and fun to work for and with on multiple projects. So steady. Calm. Efficient. He has patience and is a great teacher.

Charlotte, a true southern charmer hailing from New Orleans was the one who along with Larry introduced me to drinking red wine. Charlotte also was responsible for my subscription to Southern Living magazine all these years. She immediately took me aside after I married Ford and told me that having married a southern man I was now going to have to start cooking like a southern woman :) I'm still not certain how Larry was able to talk her into leaving her job at a New Orleans TV station to travel along with him around the country but somehow he did it.

They are just a wonderful couple who bless us with their presence at Thanksgiving each year. Our times together are always special. And while Charlotte and Ford indulge each other in their political "fencing", Larry and I enjoyably sip on our glasses of red wine...

Life is indeed good with friends like you two. Thank you both so much!

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