Sunday, October 07, 2007

Virginia Wineries

On our drive back from Maine, we stopped in Virginia to have dinner with our good friend (met all the way back in Junior High School). We had a great time talking, catching up on our very busy lives at a local Greek restaurant then said our farewell for the evening - just wish we had taken some pictures!! Vicki, remember to send us the cucumber-garlic dip!! Yummy!

We planned to tour some wineries the next day so we drove on a few more hours to The Holladay House B&B in Orange (near Charlottesville). Our hosts and breakfast were excellent. And our bedroom had a wireless connection!

The two wineries we visited had wonderful wines (we love reds) and had made considerable improvement from our stop many years ago (mid-1990's). It was a good day and we enjoyed mingling with others gallivanting about the countryside as well. Of course, how can it possibly be a bad day when your task at hand is "sampling" wines :)


kris said...

Sounds wonderful... I just started loving reds this year if you can believe that! Took me awhile... :O)

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Sounds very nice...
Looks beautiful too..

OziMum said...

I still haven't acquired a taste for reds! You'd be horrified to know, I need to have some lemonade in it!!! Don't mind a nice white and I'm loving champagne (yes, I'm a cheap drunk - glass and a half does me!!!)

Doris & Dan said...

I love visiting wineries! Those ones sound great.

Keep smilin!