Saturday, September 08, 2007

Friday Night Dinner Review

Well, The Menu, called for Salmon Cakes and that's what we had. It was a new recipe and all in all, they were OK... IMHO, they need more of a kick. More spices. For the record - I did not use fresh salmon. If I'm preparing fresh salmon I'm not throwing it into a salmon pattie. It will be grilled or blackened. Just our preference. Anyway, here's the recipe. And oh yes, Cousin Carolyn who is not a big "fishy" type eater was very kind and said the cakes were very good. (liar-liar pants on fire)

BTW: I know the net is full of recipe blogs but I do enjoy reading this couple's. They have a running banter reviewing the pros and cons of that night's dinner. What We're Eating

1: Can (14.75 oz) can salmon, undrained and flaked
1: Slice bread, shredded
1: Small onion, grated
1: Tablespoon all-purpose flour
1: Egg
Dash of hot sauce
Dash of dill weed
Salt/Pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients together.
Shape into 4 patties
Cover with plain bread crumbs
I fried them in a cast iron skillet.

I made a garlic mayo sauce instead of a regular tartar sauce.
1/2: Cup mayo
2: Tablespoons dill relish
1: Clove garlic (roasted)
1: Tablespoon of lemon juice
Dash of paprika

Tonight - no cooking! We're headed to Palatka for a birthday party dinner for DS Justin...


m said...

Sounds yummy.HB to Justin and Cara! Remember when they were toddlers like Livi? Where have the years gone?

redmaryjanes said...

Sounds delicious and nutritious!