Sunday, August 26, 2007

School Is In Session!

First Picture is DH and Cousin lounging on the dock - too hot for me today!!!
The other pictures are of Cousin's classroom.

Cousin Carolyn (she visited in June and February this year from Maine) is here with us while she begins a new job as a kindergarten teacher in the next county. She has 21 five year-olds, all day long (no half day for these kids). So far her experience is that they "act up" after lunch so needs to find an activity that will suit their energy - but - some also fade (get sleepy) after lunch. I can't imagine a whole day of school for these little ones. My home state still has half day for kindergarten.
Anyone know of a good blog or website for kindergarten teachers? I am sure there are lots of BTDT stories and helpful suggestions.

The pictures are of the classroom two weeks ago. The prior teacher left it a mess. These pictures were taken after we removed tons of material and trash, cleaned off the tables and chairs, set up the computers, etc. Carolyn spent days before school actually began just cleaning out the room. We only helped on one Saturday - DH is posing, DS & DH are in the other picture.

I don't understand how a Principal would put a new teacher (first year teaching) in such a disaster.


Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

21 five your olds, OMG pass me the advil!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

How fun....
I think kindergarten would be the age to teach..
I would have thought that the principal would have more sense then to give a NEW teacher a dirty room...
Take care
Have a GREAT week.

amy said...

KIndergarten rocks. Not fair about the yucky room

OziMum said...

I don't envy teachers - of any age!!! I honour your cousin - she must be an amazing person to be a teacher!

PS thanks for the back up link! Great idea! Do you (or anyonelse) know if you can put your blog on CD/DVD?

Melissa said...

You go GIRL!!!!!
Those "anlke-bitters" won't know what hit them & they'll learn form you...see you have 2 students all ready from those pictures! hahaha
All my Maine Love to you!