Friday, August 17, 2007

Not What I Was Hoping To Catch

So, to go along with our blue crabs (oh, do we have a simple crab recipe fixed in muffin tins to share with you all) I decided to do a little lazy man fishing in hopes of landing a red fish or at worst a nice eating channel cat.

And as a reminder that it's not the gators or sting rays I most fear in the river - no, it's these things :) Especially the alligator turtles, which, if and when I do catch one I'll be sure to share with you.

This little hunk of jaw crushing pleasure did battle in hopes of keeping my hook and since I wasn't going to put my hand that close to his mouth... Well, let's just say that I got my hook back and some crab trap bait as well.


Don and Be said...


Catherine said...

Ewwwwwww!!! I am so not fishing in FL!

Wise choice to let him keep whatever he wanted!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

That is nasty...
It's looks like you stretched his head all out of place..
To funny..
I would not be in that water..
Take care

redmaryjanes said...

Man is he ugly!

C.J. said...

That's a face only his mama could love.

Karin said...

Never saw anything like that.

We had a hammerhead shark in the river by us here. Yep, a real one.