Saturday, July 07, 2007

Toe Polish Terms and Conditions!

Pretty toes? Not mine. I accepted the challenge of keeping my toes polished and in good condition a few years ago but as you probably know, not an easy thing to do. I have reached the age where I can barely see my toes to polish them (or is it I can't get close enough to my toes to see them clearly??).
This picture is of them right now - today - before leaving for the Pepsi 400 race. I think you gain a whole new perspective by taking the picture - how come my little toes don't show? Does that mean I don't have to polish them?

Let's see if Debbie of "Sugar and Spice and a Little Rice" will visit and give me a decent rating!!
Debbie and Shane are waiting to get out of the review room (LID June 2006) - wish them a speedy review!!


amy said...

Have a great time! Nice toesies!

Lisa and Doug said...

I think you have purrrrdy toes! :)

C.J. said...

Lookin' good!

OziMum said...

Nice colour! I have a "thing" about toes... I hate my toes "naked" (minus colour!) I wouldn't say they're in good condition... least they're not naked! Currently sporting a deep red!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Sorry, I didn't forget I just didn't think you would be that fast!
Ok Not bad but remember I said I would be honest ;O)
I enlarged the picture and the middle toe on the right foot was a give away that you put new posish over old polish.....tisk tisk, always remove the old stuff first. Cuticles are dry, you could use a bit of cuticle oil to make them glow nice and healthy.
But all in all girley you were a GREAT sport and only 2 of you were brave enough so I'll give you a 8 1/2!! Sound fair!
Thanks for playing along. ;O)

Melissa said...

I hear you & CR need to go & have one done.............enjoy & please take care of my "cuz" when she re-loactes! I'll miss her & I know you;ll shower her w/enough love form the both of us!
Love, MLC

Jake K said...

I began wearing my toes painted after completing the Twin Cities Marathon last year. Some of my toenails turned blue afterwards and my girlfriend suggested that I try painting them - she thought they'd look better than the alternative. So, she offered a deep burgundy (the only color she had, or so she said) and painted them for me.
I do agree, they do look better!