Friday, July 06, 2007

Justice "Just Do It"

Reading this blog I came across the exact information I needed to read. I too, wonder about social justice and missions in other countries when I know there is work here in our own backyard. Check this out on the Blog Out of Ur.

UPDATE: A continuing article that focuses on the same things I have thought.

Impasse to Action
by Karen Keen June 26, 2007
One of the great foilers of good intentions is “overwhelm-paralysis.” The engulfing wave of global suffering can immobilize the most ardent leader. Gary Haugen, in Good News About Injustice, writes, “We feel like deer frozen by headlights . . . Instead of energizing us for action, the overwhelming injustice in our world actually makes us feel numb.”
All of us, at one time or other, find ourselves here. When we do, it helps to learn from trailblazers who are forging ahead. One guiding light is Dr. Viji Cammauf—founder of
Little Flock Children’s Homes, an organization aspiring to reach orphans and widows worldwide.

What is your backyard mission?
Ours is the Children's Home. I know it is where I will put forth my resources as I love their care of children - a full circle of care for those children who cannot be in the care of their own families.
Where Children Come First.....

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