Sunday, July 22, 2007

July Storm - No Hurricane

We had a rather strong storm last night (Saturday). We were told it sounded like a freight train going by, along with houses shaking and pictures falling off walls. We were out running errands in the next town (St. Augustine) and missed it!

A family at our church told us this morning that they had a tree fall through both their roof and their ceiling. We had some minor damage including a bent metal bracket holding our flag pole, the flag is ripped and a pine tree snapped in half (it was already dead, it had been dying since the hurricanes of 2004). Now it REALLY has to be removed.

Glad it didn't go into the neighbor's yard!


Wendy said...

Good grief! I am glad you guys are okay! Those freak storms hit here in Houston too. It's amazing they will hit one town but not another. This Gulf Coast weather is little crazy for my taste.

amy said...

Glad everyone is safe

m said...

Glad you were in St. Augie and that it wasn't any worse. Our pump got fried by lightening last week during one of the loudest and longest thunder storms I can recall. Summer time in FL can sure be exciting. Hope you are well.

Don and Be said...

Looks like Salty Dog is out there surveying thinking "Dorthy, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!" We were hit down here in Mouseyville, but not like y'all.
Good thing those dock chairs are bungeed together or you may have been up river lookin' for them.
Aly - thanks for stopping by - yes, we are seeing a slight glimmer of light at the end of the Waiting Room tunnel - we're just hoping to get in and out of China before the Olympics at this time. And I say ...... Party down for the Big 5-Oh before the fact .... Who says you have to wait?

Love you 2,
Don & Be

Nadine said...

Some storms can really be nasty. Glad it didn't do too much damage. Thank you for stopping my blog. I pray that your adoption process goes smoothly. A couple from our church has adopted from China - a boy and girl,but they were young children 5 & 7.

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Glad to see your ok! Wow that is crazy.

rubyiscoming said...

goodness, it was QUITE the storm! we had company in town and our dogs were positively petrified - poor things. luckily, we had candlelight and good wine to enjoy during the storm.

Alyson & Ford said...

After further review I just discovered that one of the tree limbs that fell in the yard also smashed down some corner fencing.

That means Salty Dog is confined to the screen porch until we can make repairs. He'll not be happy.

sarah said...

I'm glad you are all safe - and didn't have a hurricane!

I love St. Augustine. . . I love the ocean anywhere though, in spite of the storms.