Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Family Pictures

Fun times at DD & SIL's home for Fourth of July dinner with family, so sweet!

Grand-baby Alivia was a peach today, giving kisses to all. The picture of Alivia with her Mom (DD) is all about knowing how to do "raspberries", she has great form! She can bark like a dog, quack like a duck and raspberries too!

She does have a habit of wrapping things around her neck (as in her "pull" toys) which we hope is a very short lived habit. She also had to get a quick bath from Grandmother Marsha after an encounter with one of the pretty cupcakes. Chili dogs (recipe from Paula Deen) were eaten along with pasta salad and plenty of adult beverages.

It would have been perfect except we were missing DS Justin and his family Kelly & Kilee as well as Cathy and Angie's family. Hope you all had a great day.

Happy Fourth (again)!!


amy said...

Just precious!

C.J. said...

How cute! Alivia looks to be growing by leaps and bounds.

redmaryjanes said...

There is nothing better than a mini family reunion. The baby is darling!

Nina, David & Ariel said...

Adorable! Alivia is growing up so fast! Alyson, you look great holding her!! Hopefully another little "A" baby will join the gang before this time next year!


Alyson & Ford said...


This is FM. DD said she can't believe you posted a picture of her doing a raspberry. Baby girl Livi yes, but not momma :) I told her you thought it was too cute that she was teaching her little a new trick to entertain the grands.

Life is good. Love you.
Justin's, Leaa's and Alyzabeth An's dad...


Alyson & Ford said...

I knew "someone" would say something about the picture of DD. It was too cute to me (Mom and Daughter). I know that Livi will love it someday (I hope!!).

Love, Dear Step-Mom to DD; Nana to Alivia; DW to FM. Love you all!