Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Californina Gifts - San Francisco Chinatown & Wine Country

The Worley's recently spent a week long vacation in and around San Francisco and visited Chinatown. They brought back this beautiful wine bag as a gift for us. It is brown (Lizzy's colors are brown and pink - how remarkable) with a jade Chinese style coin and tassel. We are not sure if the embroidery is a Chinese symbol or common design. Would any of you out there happen to know?

We also received a wonderful California Cabernet from Cathy. She was also in California exploring the wine country and spent a few days in San Francisco and the surrounding area. The bottle, which you cannot see in the picture, was a great gift and we can't wait to enjoy it with C & W - Soon!

Thank you J & D!

Thank you Cathy!


Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

Wow you did well there on the wine pressies..great friends!

redmaryjanes said...

Nothing better than a great bottle of wine dressed to the nines!!

OziMum said...

I love those fancy wine bottle bags! (must make the wine taste better, too, don't you think?!!)