Friday, June 08, 2007

Every Adoption is a "Special Needs" (SN)

I enjoy reading the blog Our Moment in Time. I think you will easily relate to her words on the "Wait".

Especially so as they too anxiously "Wait" for new daughter Amelia.

Be sure to check out her link to this blog's article about why all adoptions are like a SN adoption. Quite the perspective for those of us adopting NSN.

Or go directly to Jiaozi.


Shelly and Brent said...

Hey there - Nice to know I've got at least one reader out there. In good company I see. Hang in there sister.

sarah said...

Thanks for sharing the article!

Karin said...

It can come as a real surprise finding out how different an adopted child, specifically TR IA, can be from a bio child. And reading it is not the same as living it.