Wednesday, June 27, 2007

But Really, Who's Counting???

  • In the United States, the age at which one may donate blood and join the military voluntarily.

  • In the United States, the age at which one may view R-rated movies without a parent's accompaniment according to MPAA standards.

  • In Ireland and the United Kingdom, the age at which one may drive a car.

  • The age of the "Dancing Queen" in the hit ABBA song of the same name.

  • "Seventeen" was the original name of The Beatles song "When I Saw Her Standing There".

  • "At Seventeen", a popular song by Janis Ian.

  • "Edge of Seventeen", a song by Stevie Nicks.

  • Number Seventeen (1932), directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

  • Stalag 17 (1953), directed by Billy Wilder.

  • In the Harry Potter universe, 17 is the coming of age for wizards. It is equivalent to the usual coming of age at 18.

  • The retired jersey number of former baseball pitching great Dizzy Dean. Go Cardinals!

  • Described at MIT as 'the most random number', according to hackers' lore. This is supposedly because in a study where respondents were asked to choose a random number from 1 to 20, 17 was the most common choice.

  • The number to call Police in France.

  • US 17 (also known as the Ocean Highway) is a north-south United States highway. The highway spans the Atlantic Coast for much of its length from Florida to Virginia.

  • The length of time Alyson and Ford have been LID.


Catherine said...

17 months closer to baby. You're getting there step by step.

Congrats on reaching this milestone!!

rubyiscoming said...

Ah, to be 17 again, eh? NAH - no thanks!!! I never ever wanna be a teenager again - :)

HERE'S TO YOU GUYS! Cheers on #17 - one step closer


amy said...

Yeah for 17, hoping your wait shortens!

Stacy said...

Congrats on 17!!! You're getting so close!

Rhonda said...

Happy 17 month LIDiversary!

kris said...

WOW!! Happy 17!

tracy said...

Happy 17 months down!

C.J. said...

17 Down - whew! Thanks for sharing an interesting factoid post about '17'

Wendy said...

I love looking at everyone's graphics for the number of months they have waited. I am trying to be creative with mine. I like your fact list!