Thursday, June 14, 2007

Product Review - All Natural

I am using these products so thought I would pass on how pleased I am with the lotions and cleansers. They were a birthday gift from my sister who is also trying out this new line for her DH's web business. I am not a professional reviewer of products so this will be a rookie attempt.

The bottle is a great design for "one hand" dispensing; has a very easy pump button and squirts out in smallish amounts so no over putting on the product.

The citrus smell is so light and refreshing. You just smile when you smooth it on legs, arms and face. Yep, I love it on my face and am using it daily. Have you smelled citrus trees blooming and the smell is almost too strong and sweet? This is nothing like that. It is a pure bright fragrance that is not sweet.

Harpswell Naturals use nothing but the finest natural ingredients. Their formulations are paraben free and use a fragrance derived from all natural extracts that preserve formulations naturally. These fragrances ensure product stability and stimulate the sensory organs naturally. Harpswell Naturals are body care products that are actually good for you!

It contains allantoin to soften and heal skin by rejuvenating skin cells. Sweet almond oil, and shea butter preserve skin from moisture loss. Fucoidan, found in Maine rock weed is quickly absorbed leaving your skin feeling clean, refreshed, and more hydrated. Chamomile sooths irritated skin leaving legs & underarms silky smooth.

The business charges a handling fee of $6.95 for orders under $75 (no shipping or handling fee if over $75) so stock up on some of these goodies for gifts. Overall the price is definitely higher than discount or quantity lotions. These are all natural and using just the right amount will make it last longer than you think. I have been using my bottle for 5 weeks now and have used about 25% of the bottle. Enjoy!! Check out this product at Maine Goodies.

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