Monday, May 28, 2007

Precious Panda Bathing Suit Swap

On occasion, I join some of the adoption groups' swaps. I joined a bib swap last year and have swapped many fabrics for the OHGWQ (see quilt blog link).

I joined this swap with the Precious Panda Yahoo! group that are all LID the same month as us. These people have been waiting the same 16 months. So to pass the time and have fun, we are sending a bathing suit and any other summer items to the name assigned to us from those participating.

I received my box and here's all the goodies sent to me from Diane Allen of Michigan.

Ladybugs all over - the bathing suit, bathing cap and beach "cover-up". Plus essentials for Alyzabeth as sunglasses and suntan lotion. How thoughtful!! Adorable!

Once I have my box ready to go to Kathy Crisman, I'll post a picture of the cute things I send to her - for her future daughter, Emma.


Stacy said...

That is THE cutest swim suit I have seen in ages! I love it!

That is a fun idea ~ to swap swimsuits for a few months!

redmaryjanes said...

That is the cutest set every! Love it.. Hmm, I think I'm turning a little green.

Oh Hi, It's Me said...

This is the only thing that stinks about adopting via the special needs route, I don't have a DTC group to do this cutie stuff with! Very Very Cute, You!

OziMum said...

Oh man! I'm just drooling over your parcel!!! Tooooo cute!

Alyzabeth An is going to be a little hottie that gear!