Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kissin' Your Cares Good Bye

Have you had those days, weeks or even months when you must admit that you cannot do it alone?

I love this song. DH was a peach and posted it for me. Million Pieces

Here's Lois E. Lane's opinion on it.

I love the words, so please pardon my self-indulgence and read along....

Why you holdin' grudges in old jars? Why you wanna show off all your scars?

What's it gonna take to lay a few burdens down?

It's a beautiful sound

When they all fall

Like a million raindrops

Falling from a blue sky

Kissing your cares goodbye

They all fall Like a million pieces

A ticker tape parade high

And now you're free to fly

When that muffled sigh

Says you're barely getting by Cut your burdens loose and just simplify Simplify

'Cause when you lay your burdens down, When you lay your burdens down

When you drop them burdens

What a free-fall What a thrill

Bury them allIn a landfill

1 comment:

redmaryjanes said...

I love that song and now it's playing in my head and making me smile!
You gotta lay them burdens down!