Friday, June 01, 2007

Adoption Process - CCAA Matching

Since the wait is so long, we are re-hashing our life as affected by the international adoption process, specifically, China's.
We wrote (back in September 2005 - January 2006) many times about how we began with the selection of the adoption agency, why we selected CCAI, gathering the documents for the dossier, what China requires, the Social worker review, homestudy report and what good 'ole USA requires for bringing Alyzabeth into the country as a new citizen (filing the I-600), the dossier is ready and sent to China (DTC), the review room, the matching room, finally getting the "referral" and then the travel authorization, then the trip to China!
I left out a few steps but that has the major steps. Our most recent post about our journey still says it all.

Here's a good source of information from Rumor Queen about her opinion on the long wait.
It is only her opinion on the numbers, so accuracy isn't that important as the concept she describes.

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