Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thankful Thursday - First Try

Thankful that our Adoption Home Study update that is now in progress. We have a wonderful social worker that lives nearby. He is animated, a great conversationalist and puts us at ease every time. We have never regretted our choice of agency, CCAI.

Thankful for our cousin Carolyn who is safe back in Maine after a long sojourn around the country. This lady has a gift for children, a hard worker and an adventurous spirit. She may move to our area in order to have a job that she has a passion about – teaching.

We are blessed that an investment transaction came to fruition this month. It is something we have prayed about and was the right thing to do for our future and for our new daughter. Our investments have been set for quite awhile for our first daughter and son. This will hopefully take care of new daughter, Alyzabeth An.

Thankful for my Mom and Aunt who drove here for a visit. We drive to Missouri soon to see family and show my Mom around DH's home State. May they have a nice vacation and safe return trip.

Thankful for my husband who has the patience of Job. He is a kind, loving and forgiving man.
Thankful for the wonderful support, love and friendship from our family, friends and "bloggy buddies".

This was my first attempt at “Thankful Thursday” and it is hard not to write about so many past family and friends we are blessed with.

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Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

that's so nice, glad your homestudy update is in progress.