Monday, April 09, 2007

Smile Though Your Heart Is Breaking

To My Fellow IA Families In Waiting:

Suffice it to say ours is not a joyful time. The latest referral news emanating from the CCAA can only be described as heart-breaking. If misery truly loves company, ours then qualifies as a virtual love fest. And with that back drop I offer up these words, not to diminish the pain or gaily paint over the sorrow but rather words to recast the light on a strength that is Yours and Ours.

Much it would seem is out of our control. Then what to do? We do that which we have demonstrated to be our strength.

• Continue to “LIVE” in the knowledge that we will be joined with our sons and daughters. Be it Your time, Our time, God’s time, Their time - IN TIME - IT WILL HAPPEN. In the scope of our lifetimes together, the WAIT is a grain of sand. Think of a pearl being formed in an oyster if you must… LIVE THE TODAY!

• Continue to share the “JOY” of excitement you felt when we each made our decision to adopt. That joy is still there. Don’t you dare let that JOY be robbed from you. It’s Yours. Mine. Ours.

• Continue to “PLAN” for the trip of a lifetime. We’re going to China folks! Not Iowa. Easy now - No offense to Iowa but you have to know what I mean. We’re talking China. Far East. Far-Far-Far Away!!! If you’re thinking you’re ready – Then You CAN’T BE.

• Continue to give “THANKS” that we each have the privilege of loving these kids soon to be placed in our forever care. Our kids. Forever! Some of us will return for a brother or sister. For others – this is it. Whatever your case may be – Give THANKS that we are approved and in line. OK – a slow line but WE’RE IN LINE!

• Continue to “LOVE”. Each of us is special. We really are. You know you are. It’s not selfish to admit that. Nor egotistical. Forget the Adoption Taliban goon squad. We are special because we show “LOVE”, we share “LOVE” and we “LOVE” our kids and miss them when they are not home with us. That same “LOVE” is strength not to be taken lightly. Your “LOVE” is powerful. Your “LOVE” is real. “LOVE” brought us to where we are today. Feel it. Claim it. Believe it. Show it. LIVE IT!

Never – Ever lose your Faith. Never – Ever doubt YOU. Never – Ever question your Determination. We are a family united, never to be divided; bound by more than a red thread or a million and one ladybugs. We share the “WAIT” together. Through thick and thin. Good times and bad. Today and Tomorrow.




Don and Be said...

Your words are an inspiration for all in the waiting room.

redmaryjanes said...

Yes, I love this post and it is true.

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

After my pity party..I'll get back to feeling this way.
It;s just a bit painful at the moment...

C.J. said...

thank you

The Piller's said...

Thanks guys, some very thoughtful words on such a tough day! I'll be rereading this post on a regular basis!!

Wendy said...

Your comments are beautiful and well needed on a day when my faith feels shaken. Thanks for being a beacon of light for those of us in this adoption wait 'love fest.'

Dawn, Brian & Guinness said...

Ford and Alyson....

Those are most definitely words to live by!! Even for those of us who have been blessed by referrals!!

Thank you for your kind compliments and well wishes!! I can't believe that we finally know who Courtney Mei is!!

I'll be following you on your journey to Miss Alyzabeth An!! I can't wait to see her face for the first time too!!!!!

~Dawn :)

Lisa and Tate said...

Amazingly well put and really hit home in my heart. Thanks for putting a positive thought in this long process.


rubyiscoming said...

Ford, you have an uncanny way of always keeping me POSITIVE! Loved your post.


Georgia said...


Karin said...

Those of us who have been through this before you really know what you are going through.

The difference for us is that NO referrals came out for months and no one knew what was happening in 1996-7.

Believe me, this is better.

I try to write about it fairly often at my blog (savvythinker)

The only ones who did not receive a child during that time were ones who pulled their paper because the wait got to be too much for them.

I know some for whom they've already made this decision.

It takes perseverence to persevere.

Guillerault said...

Such a beautiful post. Thank you for reminding me why we started this crazy ride. I'm going to print it to read whenever I'm feeling down.

Deb & Gerald
Maine LID 1/16/06

meldevine said...

Very powerful post. I love the part about remembering the joy we felt when we decided to adopt!