Friday, April 13, 2007


I read this prayer on Waiting for Hope. Jim and Lynn are waiting for a new daughter too.

With the discouraging news of our wait lengthening even more, we need lots of patient, listening friends and family, as we do get "down" at times. Ford said it so well in his post so this is more calming thoughts for us to focus on.

Hear my prayer,

Oh Lord, You know all my thoughts and desires. In Your loving wisdom, You have set the perfect time for me to be joined with the daughter of my heart.

Help me Lord to have patience, so that the days will pass filled with purpose and hope.

Lord fill my days of wait, with service to my loved ones. Help me to surround them with love and joy that I might be a blessing to them.

Lord, please keep my baby girl safe in your loving arms. Whisper to her when she is sleeping "I love you." And when she is crying, kiss the tears from her sweet cheeks.

Protect her from hunger or cold or hurt in any way, for I, her mother, can't be there right now. Please Lord, take my place until I get there.

Lord, show her butterflies and smiles. Let her hear music and laughter and feel warm hugs and comfort. Fill her with Your abounding love and tell her that I desperately love her and I am waiting...patiently.


Diane and Gary said...

Alyson, I love this prayer because I pray these exact words for our little one every day. Not only are we needing our babies, they too, are needing us even more. It breaks my heart that we have to wait for so long to hold them and comfort them. Your LID is very close to mine (1/23/06), maybe we'll see each other in China.

Nina, David & Ariel said...

What a beautiful and calming poem. Thank you for sharing those words and bringing a little peace to those of us who need it!