Sunday, April 01, 2007

Home Study Update

We just finished our home study update! Yea!!! Actually all went well.

It was nice visiting once again with our SW, Leon. Leon is now retired and in his words "loves doing this type of work (adoption) filled with more happiness". In his first life he worked as a psychologist in private practice. This meeting was very relaxed. We reviewed the paperwork we need to complete. Most of which we just need to mail. We still have to schedule an appointment for the fingerprinting.

On a down note. It is unreal how much our agency is charging for this. I know they are one of the "biggies" and everyone loves them but I still think the cost for the update is extreme. Of course, at this stage you simply pay and comply. I know many in our situation held hope that congress was going to amend the time lines affecting our documentation. Just my personal opinion. I do not see it happening. For purely political reasons (all sides), our documents are tied to the Patriot Act and as such, don't hold your breath. In fact, take a deep breath and go to your bank or credit union. You're going to need the money to pay for your Update.

Did I mention that I thought the cost was a little tooooooooo high?


C.J. said...

Sorry you got hammered but the cartoon is awfully cute ;0)

My home study place insists they only need send a little letter to CIS saying nothing has changed. Hmmm...we'll see how easy it really is.

redmaryjanes said... much ballpark is it?

Don and Be said...

We meet with our SW this week for our Home Study update - don't know if it's a biggie with our agency, but we'll bring the check book anyway.
Happy Easter Week,
Don & Be

Alyson & Ford said...

redmaryjanes = email us and I'll break the bad news.

rubyiscoming said...

We didn't owe any money to our agency, but we did owe CHS who did our social work and, of course, Uncle Sam. Our home study update and new I600A app, coupled with new fingerprint appts request, was all mailed in about 2 weeks ago. And now we wait. And wait. Oh yeah, did I mention we are WAITING??

Anonymous said...

Hi there. We felt the same way about the charges for our homestudy update. (We have a separate agency for our homestudy than for our international adoption). I would love to compare notes/costs if you don't mind. How would you suggest?

BTW, I have heard from at least one member of Congress who is very upset that so many people like us were left in the gap in the USCIS 'solution' for extensions. I try to keep the info flowing about the challenges we face so they can remain informed...

We are LID 3-3-06. You are January... Getting so close! Can't help but be excited for people getting so close!!

Hang in there, and we will, too!