Sunday, April 08, 2007

County Fair Day

We made our way out to the annual Clay County Fair yesterday. Alyson's mother (Ann) and Aunt (Jean) are here visiting with us from Maine. The weather while cool was certainly a welcomed respite from all the times we've gone and sweat (or should that be glowed) through the heat and humidity!

Alyson and her mother Ann. We met our friend Rob from work who informed us his kids had entered a couple of their hogs in the fair as part of their 4-H project. As you might tell from the picture, we were scouting through all the lovely contestants trying to find their entries!

Ford and Aunt Jean paused for a photo before returning to stroll among a chorus of MOOOO'sssssss...

Meet Smokey! One the prize hogs raised by the son of our friend where we work.

And this is Sally. The prize Pig raised by Rob's daughter. Congratulations to both her and her brother!!!


Dannye said...

wow, that looks like loads of fun...I used to live in Keystone Heights for a while (loved the little town!!)...but unfortunately never made it to the Clay County fair!!

Wendy said...

Looks like you guys had some fun! I love going to the county fairs down here in Houston and Galveston. We have such a blast.