Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend Pictures

What is a weekend without the digital camera?
Grand-daughter Alivia in her spring lavender tank (don't I match beautifully? Maybe you can't see the drool on my shirt too...).
Ford and Salty enjoying a "putt-putt" on the river.
Plus Family in Maine sent more pictures of Grand-Nephew, one with my sister holding her Grandson.


Melissa said...

Drool, what drool, it must match perfectly w/your shirt! hahaha
What a treat to watch Brandon! I wish I could babysit Alivia too....
Suppose to be close to 50 this week! What a change!
Love, Mel

m said...

How cute you girls are in matching shirts! Love the pictures. I stopped by for a Livi hug myself today. Felt better instantly.

Jamie said...

Awww the pictures of Alivia are so cute! Thanks for putting pictures of Brandon on there! Love all of you!