Saturday, March 10, 2007

Start a LifeBook?

Do I want to start a Life Book for Lizzy?
I am not that familiar with these and I am not a very good (focused!) scrapbooker, would this help?
Please give me your opinion, especially if you have started one of these books.

From web site:
Adoption Life Book

An adoption life book provides:

A concrete tool for meaningful conversation
An adoption security blanket
Attachment rituals
Structure for difficult material (such as reasons for the relinquishment)
Ways to normalize adoption language
Ways to reduce fantasy about birthparents
A front-load for adolescence
Opportunities to create positive identity and ethnic identity
Space for future events

More from the same web site – Books to have:

A Mother For Choco by Keiko Kasza (ages 2-8) A little yellow bird is in search of his mother. Mrs. Bear doesn’t look like him, but she hugs, kisses, dances, and most importantly loves Choco.

How I Was Adopted by Joanna Cole (ages 4-8) A delightful, interactive story about how "Samantha" was born and adopted.

Contemplating Your BellyButton by Jun Nanao (ages 2-8). A wonderful "non adoption" adoption book. Tettchan, a young Japenese boy, discovers the story behind his bellybutton. This book helps children understand basics of where they come from.

When You Were Born in China by Sara Dorow (ages 6 and up) A photo-essay which captures the adoption process through the child’s eyes. It is realistic and sensitive. A must have book.

(more books to add to the list to swap? Read prior post)


redmaryjanes said...

I'm doing an adoption scrapbook, but I am unfamiliar with the lifebook. I will have to check that out!

Nina, David & Ariel said...

A lifebook is a great idea! Alyzabeth will be able to treasure it forever. Best of luck with this!