Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sharing Weekend Fun

The weekend has already been very busy - seems to fly by.

Friday evening, we visited cousins Gloria and Joan in St. Augustine. Gloria's daughter, Sarah had visited from Colorado and left us some "Made in Colorado" treats. You met her on our post February 09, 2007.

This morning, Ford mowed the yard while I cleaned and picked up the inside of the house. While I was cleaning, "long time" friend, Vicki called so we chatted for a long time. She is so good to call as I am not one to initiate phone calls (I tend to send emails as my favorite way of keeping in touch).

DH and I then ran several errands. It was such a beautiful day, even though very windy, we jumped in the boat for a quick trip to our favorite creek. We saw several birds, turtles, three deer and the fish were jumping! Maybe it is bass-mating season?

All in all, a nice day spent together. Now where is that "to-do" list?


LIZ said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm Elizabeth Ann also...but I love the spelling you cool!

LIZ said...

Sure, copy the poem...I did...I see no problem as long as you include the authors name.