Saturday, March 17, 2007

One More Time... SavvyThinker

You may think I am obsessive about SavvyThinker, but bear with me.
This is an awesome blog and awesome insight and topics. I do not know how she does it.
Quality and thoughtfulness throughout her writings. I wish I was half as good.

Please read her entire post for March 17, 2007. She tells you where to get a free perfume sample after describing the smell, she enlightens us on prayer use when ill, posts a song about protection with God, educates us on Russian music, a quote about anonymous good deeds, a quote on mother's sharing enthusiasm, a beautiful poem about a mother's love and keeping the house clean (from the Bible) and a lesson on how to handle teasing a school (her own experience with her Chinese daughters).
How can anyone write so much beauty with lessons included?

I don't know much about this lady so here is her first post from December 2006:

Thinking about life
Friday 29 December 2006 @ 2:42 pm
At the urging of my son, I’ve decided to start a blog…thinking about life. I’ll probably include things I love: quotations, perfume, knitting, music…adoption…including Chinese adoption…and just thoughts.
I expect it will be an eclectic mix of thoughts on a variety of subjects.
I’m glad you visited!

From Alyson: Please visit and leave her comments. Thank you.

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Karin said...

Alyson, high praise indeed. Thanks!

Yes, do leave comments.

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