Saturday, March 03, 2007

High Chairs... Your Opinion Please

We're back on the high chair prowl. We nailed the stroller with BOB but past heroics soon lose their luster. It's time to decide on "The Chair". We are leaning to an all wood chair. Easy cleanup being the appeal. It could be that we will need one chair for the house and one to travel with.

Your experiences and opinions would be most welcomed...

1. The Scarlet
2. The Eddie Bauer
3. Kombi
4. The Svan
5. Keekaroo

6. The Geuther


C.J. said...

I have heard nothing but wonderful things about #4. I'm not familiar with the others.

tracy said...

I'm using an old Peg. I bought a new Evenflow and HATED IT, to much tilt and the baby could not sit up to reach his food...highly don't recommend it.

The wood ones look nice though, I'm just not familiar with them.

We always used the bright color (Fisher Price??) that folds up, sits on the floor or chair to travel with.

Melissa said...

I like the dark cherry or is it mahogany? #3 It looks like it would make into another chair when Alyzabeth An gets older?

Alyson & Ford said...

We are leaning to #4 at this time. I need to check the weight again.

We must have bought the same Evenflo to have for when the grandbabies came to visit. Same problem. We hate it. We're trying to give it away.

The Kombi is cool and is suppose to grow with the child...

Ugh - decisions.

Lee-Anne said...

I was going to say, the last 2, don't look real safe. If you get a climber/wiggler, like Harry was you need full harness restraint to keep them in! I've seen these cool new travel high chairs on ebay, they are actually a fabric harness kinda thing:

I'm planning on getting one to take to China! It folds up to virtually nothing!

redmaryjanes said...

I would say 1 or 2. You really need a tray that easy to remove and easy to clean.

Hey, I included you in my blog slumber party tonight for the Ultimate Blog Party! You may get a visitor or two. Hope you don't mind!

Al's Mom and Dad said...

You're going to put my grandchild in 'what'!

Dannye said...

as we are first time parents, unfortunately we don't have an opinion on any of these, but love the pictures (does that help any???).

We came across your blog thanks to redmaryjanes and her wonderful slumber party, and we just decided to stop by and say hello, so HELLO!!

Anonymous said...

The Svan is fabulous! The plastic tray cover makes it EASY PEASY to clean. And for the poster above, it's VERY SAFE. ASTM Certified.