Thursday, February 08, 2007

What's It All Mean? Don't Mean A Thing

So why is it that when China pops up on your Statcounter you momentarily freeze?

Beijing, Shandong, Hubei. These are just three that popped up today and the reaction is always the same. Is it families in China picking up their little ones and just surfing? Hard to believe, I can't help but think that they are doing all they can do just to blog about what they have going on. So who do I know in China???

Then the weirdness really starts to kick in. We're out of the Review Room but nowhere near the Matching Room process. But. BUT. What if? WHAT IF - the Matching Room has roving scouts?

What if we are getting a preliminary check out because we BLOG and make it possible? Sure, that's it. They're checking us out to help make the perfect match.

You never know...


Johnny said...

An interesting thought is that if/when I drag a laptop with me to China, I would be visiting all my favorite blogs. And for each, I could leave a potential nugget like:

"Hmmm, interesting that you are not pleased with the long wait. Please contact your agency Mr. Ford."

Sincerely CCAA

I mean, that's just a naughty thought of mine.


Ford & Alyson said...

Remind me to put a "block" on you when you head over to China.


C.J. said...

Oh wow...Johnny would be torturing you ;0)

I get a lot of China hits too and never think a thing of it...of course I also have the word 'China' in the title of my blog so that eases my mind!

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

I too have hits on my counter from China. I hope they are from fellow bloggers..but you never know!

rubyiscoming said...

OMG - I heart Johnny - tooooooo funny!

No paranoia, my friend Ford. our blogs are fairly pedestrian. Now, there have been some bloggers out there who have had some, shall we say, Rated R content on some of their posts but all was fine for their adoptions. No worries, mate! :)

See you at CNY!!!