Friday, February 02, 2007

Referrals & Review Room

The little ones are arriving and the folks who have been imprisoned in the Review Room for what must have felt like years have been set free!!!

The CCAA has finished the review of the adoption application documents registered with our office before March 22, 2006.

The CCAA has finished the placement of children for the families whose adoption application documents were registered with our office before October 13, 2005.

Congratulations to all of you and a special best wishes and prayers to Kim & Joel and Be & Don. You guys are part of the record setting Review Room families who have waited longer than any other group to get out of there! We were going crazy for you and can't begin to imagine the egg shells you were walking on with jangled nerves... Once again, huge CONGRATULATIONS! Go Celebrate!!!


tracy said...

I love how you put that, "imprisoned." It's a huge relief just to get an update directly from the CCAA instead of all the speculation. WOOHOO!

Mom-of-5 said...

Yea !!
I am thrilled for you guys -FINALLY !!

rubyiscoming said...

THANK YOU for letting us know about the CCAA website update - I had NO idea :)

Alyson, thanks also for your lovely email - it meant a lot to me. I'm doing ok and should have results back by mid-week. Keep your fingers crossed!

Don and Be said...

Aly & Ford - Thank you for your comments on our blog and prayers as we wait on yet another CCAA posting of Prospective Parents Released from the Review Room. Although we realize that Joanna's placement will be realized at the appointed time for all of us, the waiting and anticipation is unsettling to say the least. We visit your site often and follow your stories on a regular basis. It's remarkable how our adoption circumstances parallel each other.
We've been in the Waiting Room for so long, I have thoughts of our daughter coming at me with a magic marker to play Connect the Liverspots on Homedaddy's Hands.

God Bless you two,

By the way - We are Cirque du Soleil junkies. We've seen the show in Orlando about 5 times as well as Mystere & O in Las Vegas & several of the traveling shows. We'll make it to the Beatles show before Joanna arrives.