Sunday, February 04, 2007

OHGWQ - New fabric Swap

I had plenty of quilt squares for the One Hundred Good Wishes Quilt for Lizzy. I also goofed and rotary cut several of the scissor cut 8 inch fabric squares to a mere 6 inch square by mistake. I am going to use these smaller squares on the wall "sampler" I want to make to go along with the quilt. Lizzy will have a smaller version of a quilt to hang in her bedroom wall since the queen size quilt will be a bit large for her to use in her early years.

So I joined a new quilt square swap with the theme "Chinese Culture". I selected to swap fabric about Chinese musical instruments. I found this really pretty (WOW) purple fabric with the Chinese people playing musical instruments. I am now working on the "wish" that goes with it, then will cut the 9 inch squares.

I have until March 1st to complete but when I leave things to the last minute.........


C.J. said...

Oops! You've got a great plan though with the wall sampler.

That is beautiful fabric!

Leda Perry said...

Are you looking to swap? If so, let me know...I'm also trying to finish up!

Leda Perry said...

whoops, email me at ledamperry at yahoo dot com to swap :)

redmaryjanes said...

Wonderful to hear from you on my blog. I am not TA, but my friend Leda who wrote you above is.
We are still waiting for our LID, so we have a very long way to go.
I see you have pictures of the Belagio in Vegas below. My husband and I stayed there 3 years ago. It was great.
I love your quilt square and would like to swap if you like.
Let me know.

tracy said...

If you'd like to swap, email me through my site.

BTW, great fabric!

Wendy said...

That is beautiful fabric! I love the colors in it.

Alyson & Ford said...

I really love this swap. If you have a chance to join a Chinese "Culture" swap, you need to do it. Each fabric square is about something to do with China. We are learning alot and this will be a great addition to Lizzy's quilt scrapbook of "Wishes".
Thank you all!