Saturday, February 10, 2007

Gemstone Jade: Chinese Symbol Nobility and Power

I had researched Jade a while ago and was thinking of posting some information and then I received a quilt square fabric from the Karpiuk family (LID 05/08/06) with information about "Jade". Thank you!
I found a gem stone blog with an explanation for the different types of jade. Did you know this?

Since we will be in China shopping, I am trying to learn about the different gifts we wish to purchase for future celebrations for Lizzy.

This seems to have the original information:

Jade, or Jadeite, to be precise, has long been revered by Asians as symbol of good luck, good health, and power to resist evil spirit. Jade, with its pearly luster and tough and resistant nature, continues to be treasured by the value-conscious and the status conscious alike. Despite the fact that the Chinese have had a love affair with Jade for the last several thousand years, the most important Jadeite deposits are not in China, but in upper Burma, which exports raw jade to china, and Hong Kong in particular, for further processing. Color of the Jade: green, also white, brown, blackish, violet, reddish, yellow, often spotted.

Jade refers collectively to two different minerals ---
Jadeite (Hard and lustrous) which is imported from Burma (Myanmar) and Nephrite (Soft, Smooth with a waxy sheen) which is the traditional jade found in China.
Most Jade of gem value is Jadeite Burmese Jade.
Most valuable is the Imperial Jade, an emerald green transparent jadeite from Burma.

Some Cultural beliefs about Jade include:
- Jade protects one from evil and will bring good luck if worn,
- Jade worn is a symbol of moral integrity,
- Jade will bring comfort to the souls of the deceased,
- Will improve health of heart, kidney, lungs and throat,
- Jade has the ability to confer immortality.

A Chinese saying goes, "Gold is valuable, but jade is invaluable." It is not only valued for it's beauty, but also because of the virtues attributed to it by Confucius.

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Nina said...

Thanks so much for this information! I never knew so much about jade... Now I must have some!!