Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Because It Feels Good

We were fortunate to make another trip to the Florida United Methodist Children's Home to deliver some great products donated by one of the Colomar companies located here in Jacksonville. The Colomar folks are truly a great bunch who regularly open (their hearts &) their warehouse to our needs.

One of our goals this year is to develop partnerships with other local Methodist churches in NE Florida to gather additional "warehouses" that can benefit the little ones, the youth and the young adults that call the Children's Home - HOME.

So why do we do this? Simple really. Very selfish actually. We do it because it makes us feels good.

Oh sure, that includes the thinking that it's the right thing to do. The human thing to do. For those like us so inclined, the religious (pick your flavor) thing to do. Still, what we do is so small compared to what YOU and countless others like you do everyday and never blow your horn on a blog. We blow the horn for one reason. OK, maybe two if we must count our simply getting off on blowing our own horn. Still. There is a greater reason. We do it in the simple hope that one person may read what we did and think:

Hey, I can do that. Piece of cake. And then they go .....and do it.

Big, huge, mega dollar, mega food, mega medicine, mega clothing, mega-mega giving is always huge. Always needed. Always life changing. But you know what?

So too is your giving $10 to an Abuse Center. Your calling someone so they hear a familiar voice today. Taking freshly made biscuits to a neighbor whose older children can't just drop in. Gifting a large print book or magazine subscription. Donating some leave hours at work to a fellow employee taking time off to care for a sick spouse, child or parent. It's picking up groceries for someone who can't. It's giving a Heifer International gift for that person who has everything. It's pants that fit because you can hem. It's driving to a Children's Home to deliver something OTHERS are providing.

It's about driving back home and for a brief while, you feel good.

To make a long story loonnngggg. It's not pictures on a blog. It's not about me shouting look what we did! It's way more than that. It's about trying to do something. Something...

For someone else. It's what YOU do everyday and what we all hope others will too.

Imagine. It's easy if you try...
ac & fm


The Piller's said...

You guys are awesome!! I was very inspired by your blog today and did something I've been meaning to do for a while. A girl at work lost her husband (he was 47) just after Christmas. She's now a widow with a 16 yr old. I know finances are very tight now for them and I've been wanting to do something for them. So, tonight, after work, I went shopping and took them some groceries. It did feel good! I just want her to know that I care and that God cares and will take care of her!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Ford & Alyson said...

No. YOU are awesome. You absolutely made our day and the lady and her son.

All of us got to "feel good".

Thank you...