Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Mystery of the Chinese Baby Shortage

Rumor Queen has an interesting link to a New York Times opinion piece...

Shortage of Paper Ready Babies

Do remember that this is only one person's opinion. In reality, only the CCAA knows the true workings of the Chinese adoption system. Makes sense. It's their system. We may grow impatient. Frustrated. Worried. Scared. Depressed. Jubilant! Still, the real adoption story is not about us but about the little ones. We profess to know what is best. Someday we may all get to put our hearts where are mouths are. Until then, we wait, we fret, we try to find something, anything, to occupy our time as we jointly journey through the Chinese adoption process.

You and I have done our part. Speculating the whys and why not's just leaves us dizzy. A feeling we all know and share all too well.


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Dawn, Brian & Guinness said...

What a great article!

This adoption journey has certainly been maddening for us at times. But it's definitely been a comfort to me have a community of fellow China adoption bloggers to share our joys and frustrations with.... like you two!!