Wednesday, January 17, 2007

So, How's The Adoption Going?

Any news? You guys getting closer? How long has it been now? Why is it taking so long?

Any of the above sound familiar?????

We are approaching our inclusion into the infamous 1 Year Club. Our LID is January 27, 2006. I planned a huge, happy post about this. I changed my mind. I just want it out of the way. It's a rotten anniversary. It has no joy. Thus, I'm posting now. Let's get this over with. Moving on.

If you are Chasing or Waiting, you know the deal. You have answered every one of the questions above. You will answer them again tomorrow to the very same people who didn't hear you the first time nor will they hear you the next time. This is our world and our world alone. They mean well or at least most do. It's part of trying to be nice. Problem is, we aren't feeling nice. They're not adopting. We are and the pain we're feeling is our pain. The kind folks don't feel it. Nor should they. But we do. For those with LID's near ours, who would have guessed we'd still be answering those questions. Who knew we would go through this past Christmas without our little ones. We're on an emotional roller coaster and you're expected to keep that plastered smile on your face. And to keep answering the questions. You know the ones I'm talking about.

By the way, don't forget to refile all your paperwork as required by our government that blew off our request for an extension. Remember that? They never even voted on it. China could care less. This is our government reaching into our pockets again. Not China. Ours. Just send in the checks and be prepared to answer that other question.

So, how much did she cost?

I know the first question I always asked folks with a new baby was how much was the hospital bill?. Yes sir, the first thing I asked. Oh well, this too shall pass.

The 1 Year Club... Who would have guessed.


bbmomof2boys said...

How about "What does she look like?", "How old is she?" and my favorite "Oh, you don't even KNOW what she looks like?" I understand your frustration and I feel your pain. It sucks!!! Our anniversary isn't until May - but it still SUCKS! it comes...."The child you are meant to have isn't ready to come home yet but when you are matched she'll be perfect." or "You're one day closer." UGH!!! I tell ya, if I hear that again I'm lible to ballistic!

The big 1 yr mark is a HUGE milestone. You're right, who would've thunk it? All sarcastic remarks aside though, we will see our daughter's darling face just not as soon as we would like too.


Connie said...

Can't say anything more than you took the words right out of my mouth...but expressed them more pleasantly ;0)

I like the slightly raised eyebrows: 'No baby yet? Are you sure you are with a reputable agency and this isn't a scam?' (Can you hear me screaming?)

Melissa said...

I Love you two.........I know this is all sucky & horrible, but remember the tortoise......and she is already beautiful because she'll have you two as SPECTULAR parents & a entire family to love her too! Can't wait! Waiting right along w/you in finally COLD Maine!!
All our Love,
M & M & A

Joannah said...

I'm so sorry that this is not a happy milestone for you. Someone moved the finishline for all of us and it's just not fair.

Wendy said...

Welcome to the 1 Year Club! sigh

Our Journey to ALLY in China said...

Our LID is the same as yours!!! Yes, you are right, not a happy anniversary for us either. I feel your pain -- not that it makes it any easier, but you aren't alone! Here's to 2007!

Kristin said...

Ugh... the "how much" question... we've answered the following ways (depending on our mood)

She cost seven hundred thousand dollars.


Shut the fuck up.

I know, I know mean, but damn... when a total stranger asks you such a question (and my daughter is 3 and is PAYING ATTENTION) and it just makes me angry that they treat my family like something I shopped for!

If someone is just clueless but really does want valid information about adoption I will refer them to our agency's website and (gently?) tell them that the next time they ask such a question, they should inquire about adoption fees, not child cost.

Tom and Wendy said...

We understand and feel your pain. Took the words right of our mouths. But for Tom and I, we have had our last year to thank to help our time go by with having our baby boy Andrew. Yes, we have finally updated our blog :o)

Donna & Joe said...

I'm at the 11 month mark, so I'm quickly approaching the 1 Year Club and I feel your pain with all the stupid questions.

At the office I have about 5 co-workers who mean well, but they keep checking up on me. Their favorite question is..."any news yet?" Ugggghhh...this is starting to get on my nerves BIG time.

I keep telling them the same thing....China has slowed down, the wait has gotten longer, I won't have any news along the way, I just have to wait for our referral. The next question..."why is the wait so long...aren't there lots of babies?" Ugggg! Sometimes it's really hard to be nice.

I can't wait for this wait to be over!